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Johns Associates has recently undertaken an exciting piece of carbon assessment work for the Ageas Bowl – home to Hampshire cricket and host to a number of international cricket matches including prestigious England test matches.

The Ageas Bowl is committed to taking a sustainable approach and wanted all their international matches to be carbon neutral, so they engaged Johns Associates’ Impact and Risk Assessment team to provide advice and assurance.

The assessment and offsetting took in all travel, utilities and catering services associated with international matches. Johns Associates worked with Ageas Bowl to ensure all carbon calculations and the adopted offsetting mechanisms were measured, appropriate and robust.

We’ve seen carbon assessment and offsetting for sporting venues becoming increasingly popular as awareness and a desire for a more responsible approach amongst business and the public builds. Sporting events and venues deliver a level of profile and public engagement that is almost unique, presenting a rare opportunity to demonstrate engaging climate leadership and influence.

Becoming carbon neutral is something that can be done for any site, event or operation and offers a great opportunity for demonstrating a sustainable approach that visitors, sponsors and partners can support and buy into.

It’s critical that offsetting of carbon is done robustly. To that end we design and implement offsetting inclusions and audit third party programmes to make sure they meet the right criteria for effective carbon offsetting.


The process starts with a detailed look at each of the elements under consideration that generate carbon – an appropriate scope is the key to a robust assesssment. That can include building materials, transport, utilities, landscaping, supplies, and materials. The carbon generation is then quantified using rigorous carbon calculation techniques.

Johns Associates can also ensure that carbon efficiency and offsetting are designed-in for new developments and landscapes at an early stage, reducing capital and operating costs, and making sure quick-wins aren’t missed.

Carbon neutrality has increasing appeal for investing partners and potential clients. To get the most from an offsetting exercise from start to finish, it’s important to effectively engage with associates, sponsors and the public. Johns Associates can help with that, supporting communications and consultations that convey relevant and impactful messages and grab attention in the right places.

By taking a streamlined approach to assessment, technical support and engagement we make sure our clients are able to offset effectively and to an appropriate scale. We help them gain optimum buy-in from partners to deliver long-lived benefits to the environment and their business.

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