From an initial walkover survey providing detailed technical advice for a Planning Committee through to the implementation of a habitat creation scheme, Johns Associates offers a full range of ecological services. We take a pragmatic and robust approach to ecological issues, backed by best practice and scientific evidence. We work with our clients to guide them through the ecological aspects of their project.

Ecological projects rarely exist in isolation – solutions often need to be multi-functional. We understand how ecology can affect businesses and contribute to people’s quality of life and we have a detailed knowledge of biodiversity conservation. Our ecologists are perfectly placed to collaborate with…

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Impact and risk assessment

Anticipating problems before they arise can save you a lot of trouble. Knowing your legal obligations and the risk to the environment is essential. Johns Associates takes a pro-active approach to understanding environmental risk and communicating it to the project team, client and regulator to minimise its impact.

The key to managing risk and impact effectively lies in covering all the bases from the outset…

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Landscape architecture

Landscape affects everyone – it’s the setting for our everyday lives. It’s the living, physical environment that we live in and share. Landscape is a window box, a streetscape, a town square and the wild outdoors.

Landscape Architecture defines the relationship between people, places, biodiversity and natural resources. A well-designed landscape reflects the identity and character of an area – its sense of place and an opportunity for social, economic and environmental enrichment.

Johns Associates is a registered practice with the Landscape Institute. Our team of Landscape Architects designs inspirational spaces that bring together…

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Planning and sustainable development

Johns Associates takes a smart approach to planning. We think clearly, listen to our clients and take on board the views of stakeholders. We maintain awareness of case law, the latest policy guidance and professional opinions from other colleagues and associates.

Led by a Chartered Town Planner, our planning team has a strong understanding of the UK planning system from both a public and private sector perspective. We advocate good design coupled with multiple sustainable benefits from development.

Our multi-disciplinary capabilities…

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Water and geoscience

Our geoscience services cover a broad array of technical areas, drawing on skills associated with a range of disciplines including physical geography, geology, hydrology, meterology, soil science, oceanography and geomatics.

Water presents a source of risk from direct geological hazards such as flooding, tidal surges, snow fall and ice. It’s the driving force behind landslides, erosion and pollution. Water scarcity is an increasingly significant geopolitical issue. Even on a local Western European scale, drought can have a huge impact on business and communities. With changing climates, built-in resilience and adaptability is key to a successful future…

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GIS, geodata and visuals

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can be powerful and dynamic project management tools. The right technology and software can make a difficult job much more manageable. The right data and maps, in combination with strong visuals, can make planning for, communicating and managing a complex project easy.

The ongoing management of geographical data and knowing how to use it to best effect further enables the streamlining of a range of activities – improving quality, efficiency and saving money.

Together, GIS, geodata and visuals can be…

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Countryside services and environmental contracting

Many projects involve a lot of hefting, building, digging and cutting in sensitive environments, which is easier said than done if you don’t have the training, resources, relevant licences or equipment.

If you’re working amongst potentially fragile ecology, you need contractors who are experienced in environmental heavy work. You need contractors who work hand in hand with trained consultants and specialists as part of one team.

We have experienced in-house environmental contractors who are well practiced in working in environmentally sensitive and protected sites. They co-ordinate with our other teams to ensure the approach is appropriate and the result is always an environmental gain…

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Community spaces and wellness

We believe there’s a strong relationship between feeling good, being healthy and enjoying ecologically rich environments and the great outdoors. And now research is proving that to be true, with the Government and other organisations promoting exercise in the environment as being key to a healthy lifestyle and the wellness of individuals and communities.

Our passion for health, exercise and the outdoors complements our love of ecology, landscapes and adventure.

Why us??? Johns Associates provides a unique combination of in-house sports and wellness specialists that work with experienced landscape architects to design and create inspiring bespoke outdoor areas for exercising, training or relaxing. Our ecologists increase the biodiversity of these areas and where necessary our planners obtain permission for the facility. Our contracting team create…

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Successful fish and fisheries management involves understanding a wide range of environmental and socio-economic issues. It’s often treated in isolation, but a significant body of research and practical experience demonstrates that catchment wide processes, changes in demand and infrastructure development significantly influence river, lake or coastal fisheries as much as (or even more than) local issues.

We take a holistic approach, drawing on our in-house multidisciplinary expertise and combining this with highly respected fisheries professionals. Our fisheries scientists have long-term experience of a wide range of projects both in the UK and globally. Our technicians have a good grounding in fisheries and water management. The team has…

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