Lis Weidt, BSc (Hons) Grad CIEEM

Lis is a Senior Ecologist and holds a number of protected species licenses to survey in England and Wales.  She joined Johns Associates in November 2015 and has various experience in surveying for bats including building inspections, activity surveys and radio tracking a number of different species. She has taken on a wide range of schemes, which require ecological input, from residential developments, recycling centre facilities and military buildings.

Lis has experience in site and environmental appraisals, ecological assessments, ecological clerk of works and protected species surveys particularly for bats and dormice.

In her spare time Lis is an active member of the Wiltshire Bat Group and the Wiltshire Mammal Group and can be regularly found in the woods of Wiltshire surveying for bats, dormice and other species of interest.