Ellie Hack, BSc (Hons) MSc ACIEEM

Ellie joined Johns Associates in May 2022 as a Senior Ecologist. 

She has 7 years experience in Ecology based roles, with three of those being in ecological consultancy. Ellie is particularly skilled in designing and implementing advanced field surveys for bats, and developing complex bat mitigation and compensation schemes. Ellie is confident at managing sites whilst working as an Accredited Agent on both EPS and BMCL licences, and is adept in leading large teams of contractors, delivering Toolbox Talks, using a range of soft demolition techniques, and designing and installing bespoke bat compensation features on a range of different types of buildings. Ellie holds her Level 3 & 4 Bat Survey Licences, allowing her to use all bat survey techniques including trapping and mist netting. She is an active member of the local bat groups, running various projects looking at bats within Bradford-on-Avon, including hibernation surveys, swarming, and bat box schemes.

 Ellie is experienced in producing technical ecological reports including Ecological Impact Assessment, PEAs, LEMPs and BREEAM assessment, and surveying for protected species including great crested newt, badgers, dormice and reptiles.

 Ellie is  an Associate Member of CIEEM, an NPTC qualified tree climber and holds a Level 1 great crested newt licence.