Outdoor trails and wellness

We believe there’s a strong relationship between feeling good, being healthy and enjoying ecologically rich environments and the great outdoors. And now research is proving that to be true, with the Government and other organisations promoting exercise in the environment as being key to a healthy lifestyle and the wellness of individuals and communities.

Our passion for health, exercise and the outdoors complements our love of ecology, landscapes and adventure.

Why us??? Johns Associates provides a unique combination of in-house sports and wellness specialists that work with experienced landscape architects to design and create inspiring bespoke outdoor areas for exercising, training or relaxing. Our ecologists increase the biodiversity of these areas and where necessary our planners obtain permission for the facility. Our contracting team create the landscape and install the equipment – whether these are ‘natural’ features including rocks, trees, slopes or more traditional outdoor fitness equipment.

We can provide signage and instructions on how to use the trails and equipment together with more sophisticated features using QR codes and near field technology for use with smartphones. Our fitness professional provides detailed instructions and programmes and can run induction courses for new users and other personal trainers as part of a fully comprehensive package.

Where we add real value is in the bespoke design we create for your trail and equipment. It’s centred around your user base and the specific environment in which you’re working. We tailor our approach to the specific goals you have for your people and ecosystem.

By involving a range of specialists, surveying the area and consulting with users and trainers, we fully understand our clients’ particular needs. By taking a more natural approach to outdoor exercise and wellness, our trails are successful, cost effective, enjoy greater longevity, maintain interest and deliver great results.

We can also design for other outdoor sports facilities including BMX tracks/parcour/skateboarding/basketball/ volleyball/bouldering/table tennis/boules/MUGA and complementing furniture including shelters, seating, bins, fencing, and signage.

Johns Associates is a member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning, member of UKActive and is a registered practice with the Landscape Institute. Our work is carried out in accordance with the professional codes of practice associated with these organisations.

We have a light environmental footprint but a big result. Our trails and wellness programmes are set in stimulating natural or created landscapes and the equipment we use is sustainable and suited to your budget. The trails can be designed and installed in small or large areas and are equally ideal for sports clubs and training areas, schools, parks, other public spaces, hospitals and corporate HQs.

Sector and client examples include:

  • Hart District Council
  • Wide Horizons Trust
  • Ralph Allen School

  • Winsley School
  • Keltbray Plc
  • Hartley Farm

Trail design

  • Qualified sport, fitness and wellness specialist involvement from the start
  • Designed and specification by Chartered landscape architects
  • Bespoke design to suit demographics, specific and broad objectives and user needs
  • Sustainable, durable materials specification
  • Low impact installation
Specified workout stations
  • Running/walking trail
  • Work out stations
  • Freestyle exercise areas
  • Resistance training
  • Dynamic stretch
  • Balance and coordination
  • Abdominal exercise and stretch
  • Parcour
  • Relaxation and warm-down
  • Other outdoor sports and community activities
Environmental engagement
  • Ecological enrichment through design
  • Environmental education opportunities
  • Multipurpose – fitness, wellness, training, forest school, bushcraft, outdoor classroom

Flexible trail deployment / funding support

  • Designed to allow additional features as funding is secured
  • Planned expansion in line with budget release
  • Support with sourcing funding for local authorities, schools and not for profit organisations
Wellness support
  • Corporate wellness assessment
  • Wellness programme planning and delivery
  • Fitness programme planning and delivery
  • Long term user engagement programmes
  • Broad spectrum fitness and wellness opportunities
  • Induction training for PTs and users
Specified activities
  • General public
  • Sports clubs
  • Community groups
  • School / child centred activities
  • Rehabilitation
  • Corporate team-building


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