Impact and risk assessment

Anticipating problems before they arise can save you a lot of trouble. Knowing your legal obligations and the risk to the environment is essential. Johns Associates takes a pro-active approach to understanding environmental risk and communicating it to the project team, client and regulator to minimise its impact.

The key to managing risk and impact effectively lies in covering all the bases from the outset:

  • Conducting effective surveys to understand the character of the environment
  • Appropriately using data and the right methods
  • Gaining community support
  • Liaising with regulators
  • Obtaining required permissions
  • Ensuring successful implementation on the ground

Determining how all of these can be achieved efficiently while making an overall positive impact with multiple benefits is our strength.

Our impact and risk assessment services range from high-level appraisals and topic specific analysis to detailed multi-disciplinary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Sustainability Appraisals (SA) and Strategic Environmental Appraisals (SEA). We also undertake other risk-based work including Flood Risk Assessments, COMAH Environmental Assessment Reports, Environmental Permits, Waste Exemptions and CL:aire to name but a few.

The team can lead your risk or impact assessment, cover the full spectrum of potential issues, carry out community consultation and design and produce supporting drawings, graphics and documents. Or we can simply take a supporting technical role (e.g. ecologists, hydrologists, landscape architects) if that’s what is needed.

Johns Associates is a Corporate Member of IEMA and maintains up to date planning case law information to ensure our advice is always leading-edge. Our impact and risk assessment specialists work hand in hand with our in-house planners or with other planning professionals.

Johns Associates’ proven sustainability credentials, coupled with technical excellence, a passion for success and sound business understanding will bring success to every aspect of your project.

Sector and client examples:

  • Calor
  • Beard Construction
  • Bristol Airport
  • Homes and Communities Agency

  • Hart District Council
  • Hills Waste
  • Frogmary Green Farm
  • Keltbray Plc 


Preliminary environmental assessment

  • High level and rapid desk-based and walkover-based feasibility study
  • Cost efficient first step or to inform design and build work / project risk
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • EIA co-ordination and technical studies including ecology, noise, water, soils and land quality, landscape, visual amenity, air quality, cultural heritage, community, transport
  • Provision of support for local authorities and other competent authorities and private sector applicants
  • EIA Screening Opinion and Screening Direction
  • EIA Scoping
  • EIA consultation (statutory consultees and community)
Environmental Statement co-ordination and production
  • Production of all drawings, graphics and other supporting visuals including photography, CAD, GIS (2D and 3D), models and animation
  • Non-Technical Statement
  • Environmental Statement audit and review
  • Post-permission ES monitoring and reporting
Sustainability Appraisal (SA) / Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • Regulatory assessment under the list regulations
  • SA of Local Plans
  • Compliance review

Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA)

  • Screening for impact and significance
  • Assessment of impact and significance
  • Assessment of viable alternative solutions for impact reduction
  • Identification of Imperative Reasons of Overriding Public Interest (IROPI)
Other environmental appraisals
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)
  • Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
  • Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)
  • Recreational Impact Assessment (RIA)
  • Preliminary environmental assessment
COMAH related environmental risk
  • Characterisation of source-pathway-receptor including baseline surveys
  • Identification of environmental receptors
  • Environmental influence on release behaviour
  • Spatial analysis and characterisation of MATTE and EIE using GIS
  • Evaluation of environmental consequences
  • Environmental mitigation, clean up and monitoring
Other consent related impact assessment
  • For Environmental Permits including abstraction, discharge, operational, waste
  • For Flood Defence Consent
  • For working in SSSIs


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