New report shows strong public support for renewable energy

A recently published independent report shows public support for renewable energy considerably outweighs the popularity of ‘conventional’ energy sources.

Research group Opinium have published a new report investigating the state of the UK energy market, including consumer attitudes to renewables. Renewable generation was found to be a key differentiating factor in consumer brand choices. The report considered attitudes to a range of fuels both in general and in the local area. While it is clear that people would rather not have energy infrastructure of any type in their ‘back yard’, the popularity of a nearby solar or wind installation (63 and 59% approval respectively) outweighed the general principle of nuclear (35%), gas (30%) and coal (23%).

The full report is available here:

These conclusions come against a backdrop of cuts to renewable energy subsidies, and suggest that these may not be the populist move it might have seemed.

While the short term outlook for renewables development is operating in an uncertain financial and political context, indicators such as this suggest that in the medium term and beyond, prospects could be much stronger.

Johns Associates’ Planning and Environmental Appraisal team has experience in successfully supporting a number of renewables schemes through the planning system, as well as early stage feasibility studies and would be pleased to provide advice and guidance on emerging energy sector proposals.

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