Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown

As part of the Capability Brown Festival 2016, which commemorates the designer’s 300th birthday, Historic England recently released a map displaying surviving Capability Brown landscapes with aerial photographs for each – click here to visit the site.

To mark the celebrations, Royal Mail has also just issued a set of 8 stamps showing views of Capability’s most famous landscape gardens, including Blenheim Palace, Longleat and Stowe.

By now, most people with an interest in gardens and landscapes will be aware of the various events organised as part of festival throughout the year 2016, and you may have already participated in a number of them. If you missed out so far, its not too late; visit and find an event near you. There are still lots of things happening before the end of the year – and beyond.

If you don’t want to wait for a specific occasion to see some of Capability’s great work, then have a look at the map at, which identifies sites open to the public.

The website is also full of other useful and interesting facts about this outstanding and industrious designer, who shaped what people perceive as English countryside and influences landscape architecture to this day.

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