Johns Associates reinforces Flood Risk Assessment capabilities

Johns Associates’ water team strengthened its flood risk capabilities this month as Principal Consultant Tom Styles attended a two-day intensive training course to enable the full roll-out of improved drainage design calculation software on Johns Associates’ Flood Risk Assessments and drainage strategies.

The new software is called ReFH2 and has been developed by the UK Government research facility the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. The science behind the new method has been published in respected peer reviewed journals by industry leaders and produces more reliable results than previous industry standard methods.

The user interface of the new software provides a more easily auditable process, allowing regulators and reviewers to fully verify the parameters used in the calculation.

All developments larger than 1ha require a Flood Risk Assessment, as do smaller developments in high-risk areas. Johns Associates can produce high quality, robust assessments for a range of proposals as well as designing drainage systems that not only deal with high volumes of water but can offer a range of other benefits including amenity and water quality improvements.

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