Environmental Issues Continue to Move to the Mainstream

This week has seen environmental issues grabbing the headlines for a number of reasons. The talks in Paris are the latest attempts to thrash out a global deal to arrest greenhouse gas emissions, and the floods in Cumbria and elsewhere pose unanswerable questions around climate change, flood science, and investment of scarce financial resources.


Elsewhere, debates about housing numbers and the planning system rage on, as well as transport infrastructure investment (HS2 and London airport capacity), defence and national security, food/waste, energy, health and refugee crises.


None of these issues stands independently of the others, and the common theme is the environment and how human society interacts with it. This can no longer afford to be understood as the wellbeing of polar bears in far away places, but is our health, the places we want to live, and how our country, and the world functions.


Johns Associates understands the environment holistically, operating flexibly to solve problems, make the most of opportunities and design in resilience. Our expertise has provided benefits to a wide range of clients, across sectors and throughout the UK.

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